June 2008

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We at P & P Seed Co are pleased to announce to our US customers, our agreement with Harris Seeds, Garden trends, Inc. to offer what we consider the best pumpkin varieties for the home/competitive gardener. Some of these varieties are only offered to commercial growers by Harris; so we would like you to try them (as we have) as our customers under this special agreement. The powdery mildew tolerance and yield offered by most of these varieties is awesome!
…improved powdery mildew tolerance. 115 Days. Gladiator has homozygous powdery mildew tolerance and has shown improved tolerance to this disease in the field, when compared to other tolerant varieties. Vigorous, semi-vine plants produce good yields of 20-25 lb. fruit that are very uniform for size and shape. The round fruit have a deep orange color, moderate ribbing and measure 13” wide x 12” high. Gladiator’s long handles are thick and firmly rooted to the fruit. With its improved disease tolerance and grower preferred fruit size, Gladiator is sure to become one of the number one varieties of choice by growers everywhere.
...extra-large fruit and powdery mildew tolerance. 115 Days. If extra-large pumpkins (30-40 lbs.) are what your market demands, then Hercules is the variety to grow. Strong, full-size vines produce beautiful, extra-large fruit that will command top dollar in the marketplace. The fruit measure 13-16” in diameter, stand 14-15” tall and have a very appealing dark orange color and medium ribs. Its large handles are firmly rooted to the uniformly sized and shaped fruit. Attractive, extra-large fruit and powdery mildew tolerance make Hercules a winner in its class.

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