Mid-February 2012
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Marv Mitchell has made some of the world's most famous watermelon crosses over the past several years.  Many of the genetics will influence World Records for years to come.  Thank you Marv!

View all 4 of Marv's 2011 crosses

Special Club Offer

for WPC Supporting Club members who purchase any of Marv's melon seed prior to April 1st.

Eight members will be selected randomly to receive two (2) of Marv's famous 255 melon seed.

This seed is all we have left and some are light and may not germinate but worth the try to include this great melon into your program as a pollinator, etc. Club member winners will be announced in April. Thanks for your continued support!

Watermelon Tarp
Watermelon Tarp
Purchase a Watermelon Tarp this year and receive our special gift 7 function pocket knife
(Gift knife for US Customers only / shipping regulations).

Check out our Special Selection Watermelon for 2012:

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